Thomas Jeppe (*1984)
based in Paris, France

Solo Exhibitions (selected)
Salts, Basel, Power Studies, 2024
Goswell Road, Paris, Temple Gate Bouncer, 2024
Paris Internationale with aftereightbooks, Paris, 2024
Conradi, Hamburg, Neuer wall., 2021
Balice Hertling, Paris, Afterhours(2010-2020), 2020
BWSMX, Mexico City, Cabron Footprint, 2019
Trikot, Basel, Gypset Purgatory, 2016
Futura, Prague, 2016
Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Melbourne Shuffle, 2016
TG, London, UK, Amateur Monastic, 2015
MJ Gallery, Geneva, Der Spiegel, 2015
Sazmanab Centre for Contemporary Art, Teheran, Compass Trouble Again, 2015
Mimetic Club, Residency, Melbourne, 2014
SKETCH, London, UK, 2014
Conradi, Hamburg, Lost in Connotation, 2014
032c Workshop, Berlin, Abstract Journalism, 2014
Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Seaside Vernacular, 2013
E.P., Austin, POINT.COUNTER.POINT (with Max Brand), 2013
Conradi, Hamburg, Asiatische Adlernase, 2012
Galería Curro & Poncho, Guadalajara, ACAPONETA 1891, 2012
TCB Gallery, Melbourne, Heinous Armani (with Gian Manik), 2011
Family, Los Angeles, Cirrhosis by the Sea, 2010
Black&Blue Gallery, Sydney, Take The Edge Off, 2009
Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, The Height Of Elegance, 2009

Group Exhibitions (selected)
Conradi, Hamburg, Inversion 2 - Haute Tension, 2023
032c Workshop, Paris, Living in a Magazine World, 2023
Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection, FR, 2023
Briefing Room, Brussels, Against Community, 2022
The Community Centre, Pantin, Bread & Salt, 2021
Hotel Normandy, Paris, Umwelt PR at Salon de Normandy by The Community, 2020
Balice Hertling, Paris, Gennariello Part 2, 2020
Hotel Normandy, Paris, Umwelt PR at Salon de Normandy by The Community, 2019
Longtang, Zurich, Spiral Arms, 2019
La Loge, Brussels, Leonard Koren & Guests, 2018
Guimarães, Vienna, Schmaltz, 2018
Centre d'Art Contemporain Passerelle, Brest, Deux sens du décoratif, 2018
First Draft, Sydney, Unreal City, 2018
Plato Ostrava, Klub Fiesta, curated by Michal Novotny & Lumuir Niki, 2017
Tiziana di Caro, Naples, An Entertainment in Conversation and Verse, curated by Maria Del Vecchio,2017
Prix Fondation d'entreprise Ricard, Paris, Les bons sentiments, 2017
Kai Matsumiya, New York City, Truth Bistro, 2017
Conradi, Hamburg, Umwelt Inversion, 2016
The Oracle, Berlin, The Way of The Novel, 2015
Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Fin, 2014
SALTS, Basel, Associactions New, 2014
Die Diele, Zurich, Canary Comfortable: Special Islands Issue, 2014
The Duck, Berlin, Chateau Plais, (with Th. Baldischwyler), 2014
Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Picture Movement, 2014
Curro & Poncho, Guadalajara, Compass Trouble, (with Th. Baldischwyler), 2014
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Primavera, 2013
Weingrüll, Karlsruhe, WET-ON-WET, 2013
Rawson Projects, New York City, Self Help, 2013
Tristian Koenig, Melbourne, Explaining Colours To The Blind, 2011
Kunsthaus Hamburg, INDEX, Brendler’s Garnieren, DE, 2010
Goodtime Studios, Melbourne, Noise In My Head, 2011
Conradi, Hamburg, The People’s Poet, 2010
Schechinger Fine Art, Hamburg, Group Show (With Parents), 2010
The Composing Rooms, London, Corridor to Success, 2010
Carriageworks, Sydney, Duelling Donuts / CarriageArtWorks, 2010
YAUTEPEC, Mexico City, 2010
Gallery Target, Tokyo, 2009
Brown Gallery, London, Evading Customs, 2009
The New Museum, New York City, The Generational: Younger Than Jesus "Live Archive", 2009
Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, Do You Remember What It Was, 2007