Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Anna Francheschini, Richard Frater, Thomas Jeppe, Marina Pinsky, Martine Syms and James Vinciguerra, Umwelt Inversion, 2016, Exhibition view

Martine Syms, My Only Idol is Reality, 2007, HD video, sound, 7'

Marina Pinsky, Basel Model, 2016, Slide show, 13'20''

Anna Franceschini, You Know Why They Respect me? Because They Think I’m Dead, 2016, HD video, mute, 6'13''

Left: Anna Franceschini, right: Richard Frater

Richard Frater, Stop Shell (Ecoalf version), 2016 (detail)
Ecoalf jacket, recycled plastic bottles and ocean trash plastic, marine aquarium, salt water, live rock

Alejandro Almanza Pereda If You Say Something See Something (4 boxes), 2016
Rope and resin, 120 x 210 x 160 cm, Courtesy: CHERT, Berlin

Thomas Jeppe, Untitled, 2016, (detail), Ceramic mask, cardboard tubes, glass, 150 x 59 x 49 cm

James Vinciguerra, Untitled (1-6), 2016, Ink drawing on paper, 47 x 35 cm